GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS Would you like to save $$$$$ on your heating, cooling and hot water bills, plus help the environment all at the same time? Well you can do all this and more by installing a geothermal closed loop system!
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Welcome to Geothermal Loop Pros, LLC.

Since every project is unique, this is only a basic list of the work that we provide. We are typically contracted out to HVAC contractors, but are also able to work directly for homeowners and builders as well.

Our services include:

Digging the trenches, Laying the pipe, Backfilling site to a rough grade, All heat fusing of pipe, Running S & R pipes into house, Mounting flow center, Running & insulating S & R pipes from outside to flow center, Running & insulating rubber hose from flow center to heat pump, Pressure testing all pipes, Flushing / filling the entire system, Pressurizing the system

Installing a geothermal system can be installed on new construction but can be installed to exsisting homes as well. If retrofitting an exsisting home remember you will probably have to replace/fix your lawn where the excavation and trenches were dug. If being installed on new construction, it should be installed prior to any underground sprinkling, grass seeding, landscaping, etc.

Geothermal Loop Pros has the equipment necessary to flush, purge, and fill large geothermal systems.  Often times as systems age the companies responsible for their maintenance avoid taking care of the loop because they do not have the expertise or equipment to take care of it.  We can come on site and give a formal recommendation and quote for any maintenance required.  We are recognized as one of the few companies in Michigan with this ability.

Directional boring has gained in popularity in recent years.  The advantage of a horizontally bored geothermal system is that it is a little bit cheaper than a vertical system and is not as invasive as a horizontal system.  The disadvantage is that the installer cannot judge whether a horizontal system has been properly grouted or what the soil conditions actually are.  There have historically been more problems with leaks in directionally bored systems as well as increased risk that an underground utility was compromised without the installer realizing it.

Horizontal loops can be installed either with straight pipe in a trench or with a slinky arrangement where the pipe circles back on itself repeatedly like a slinky.  Typically, strait pipe systems offer the advantage of being able to conform to any space and are therefore ideal for residential installations where there may be many obstacles such as existing trees.  Strait pipe systems also maximize the pipe used because the heat exchanger piping does not interfere with itself like it does in a slinky system.  Slinky systems typically require more pipe than a horizontal system but are ideal where there is a good location to install a grid type system or when there is a very large system to be installed.

Pond loops are the most efficient type of loops but they are also the trickiest.  It is important that the pond loop installer/designer have the experience necessary to help the homeowner or business owner make sure that the pond loop is right for them.  Done properly a pond loop will work great.  Generally speaking pond loops are put together into what looks like a floating raft and then anchored to the bottom of the pond or lake by blocks.  There are also newer systems such as the Slim Jim that utilize a proprietary panel construction.  Ultimately the key is choosing the system that works best for the individual site.

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We greatly appreciate the quality of work Geothermal Loop Pros has done installing the up-graded closed loop system here. Dedicated workers with careful and precise attention to details. This includes both the drilling team and the hook-up team. The system is working quietly and well. We’ll be happy to provide favorable references in the future.

Have a good season.

Art Mallard

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